Organization and Touch of Style in Décor
Organization and touch of style in decor

Organization and Touch of Style in Décor

Look, if you have a versatile item in the decoration it is definitely the tray. For a Virgo passionate about organization like me, this is the ideal piece to tidy up some corners of the house “unpretentiously”, you know?
In addition to being an indispensable item to serve that coffee or tea in the late afternoon, the pieces can end up in many other rooms.

In the room

Photos: Doris Leslie Blau and Emily Henderson

The coffee table, side or even a niche in your bookcase can be enhanced with the piece. The item is perfect for grouping loose objects that would be lost in the decoration such as vases, candles, boxes…
This is the ideal environment to use and abuse the most delicate materials such as mother of pearl, wood and glass ?

In the kitchen

Although I love minimalist ambience, when it comes to cooking I confess that I prefer the convenience of having my utensils and spices on the counter.
So that these products are not lost and scattered throughout the kitchen, trays and pots are excellent allies.

In the office

Office desk is almost always that crazy. Even if you work outside the home, it is worth having this item to organize your workbench. Having a space to leave the bottle of water, the cup of coffee, pens, planners, or whatever it is, is always necessary.

In the bedroom

Photos: Design Love Fest and Home Oh My

I am the biggest fan of the trays on the nightstand. If you use small and delicate accessories, this is a must-have item. In addition to “storing” jewelry and jewelry before bed, I also like to leave some products on the tray. A nice perfume, a scented candle or a speaker is always welcome ?

In the Bathroom

If you also love cosmetics you already know how important it is to have some products always at hand. Trays are great alternatives for those who want to keep the environment organized, but still super functional. The mirrored, metallized and glass models are great options for this corner of the house.

Where to find?

1- Umbra tray at Americanas – R $ 213.00
2- Warehouse House Decoration – R $ 210.00
3- Carrara Marble Tray at Select ID – R $ 420.00
4- Evergreen on Etna in Tray – R $ 79.99
5- Mobly Mother-of-Pearl Tray – R $ 279.80
6- Iron Tray at Mobly – R $ 52.23
7- Tile Tray at Casa Mind – R $ 199.00
8- Tray in the House that Has – R $ 76.00
9- Grill Tray at Tok & Stok – R $ 132.90
10- Casa Alex Tray at Le Lis – R $ 159.90

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