organize documents before the trip

organize documents before the trip

I don’t know about you, but I’m crazy about documents when it comes to travel, especially international. Leaving everything at hand, having printed and cell phone reservations can be very useful and avoid many inconveniences, you know? Paulo and I have already gone through some restaurants and after them we started to organize better!
To help you avoid these little documentation problems and make your life easier at destination, here are some simple tips that make a difference ?

Essential documents


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It’s a cliché, but I have no way of putting that item aside. Have the passport up to date, identification documents in good condition, approved visas and necessary vaccines taken is already half way to avoid wear and tear at the destination.
Ever research the laws to enter the country in advance, because the documentation sometimes takes a long time to come out. A few weeks (or months) before you travel is also worth reviewing the laws because they may have changed, see?

Take a briefcase to the airport


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Can you imagine running out of battery and not knowing the hotel address? It is essential that you have your reservations printed in a folder, be they hotel, airfare, train, bus … For those who have organized all this before traveling, this extra care does not cost anything, right?
I take this opportunity to mention that this documentation can help you get into the country. That’s right, in immigration from the United States, for example, it’s nice to have your ticket back to show that you don’t intend to stay there ?

Apps are great allies


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Of course, printed documents are important, but when it comes to practicality the applications are excellent! I already mentioned in this post apps are great to search for cheap tickets, but there are some that can also make your life easier at your destination.
Recently, I discovered TripIt that organizes all your reservations. In it you can view the departure times of the trains and buses you have booked, the arrival dates at each hotel and all this on your cell phone with much more ease. It is really a great tip for those who like to have everything organized in the smallest details.
The focus of this post is the documentation, but if you are interested and want to plan your whole trip in advance, I have already made a complete post with tips on how to make an incredible itinerary on My Maps.

Avoiding wrenches


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It may not even be mandatory to Travel insurance, but are you really going to risk it? I think it is essential to take out insurance for any international trip, after all, you never know when you are going to have an accident or need an emergency doctor.

Another thing that is always good to take for any trip, besides the credit card, is cash (even if little). More than that, also take a travel money on international travel, because it can save you sometimes. Have you ever imagined having a card blocked out of nowhere or being stolen and having no other options?

Aaah, don’t forget to tell your bank that you are going on an international trip, saw? It’s super important to let them know in advance so they don’t block anything while you’re away.


Did you like these tips and want to know more about travel? Here on the blog we already have several posts that will help you in organizing the suitcase, in planning itineraries, in essential items for traveling… I have already linked several in the course of the post, but it costs nothing to leave some more down here to facilitate your programming ?

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