Organized entrance!

Organized entrance!

Who has never had hooks on the wall to hang keys at home? Well, the play is practically mandatory, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Photo – Revista Domino

Installing a shelf, for example, not only accommodates your things better, but also allows you to place decorative objects and make the piece more interesting ? Want more ideas for your entrance hall? Look how many beautiful and super-practical references!

To hang


Photos – Design Sponge, Seven Couches and Arte Manha

In addition to the simple shelf, you can invest in pieces with larger hooks to put bags, coats, hats, umbrellas … Just with this simple change you will make everyday life at home a lot easier, after all everyone needs to leave a few things when arrives after a rain or a tiring day, right?
This is an excellent alternative for those who always dreamed of a complete entrance hall ?

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