Organizing and Decorative Baskets

Organizing and Decorative Baskets

It may sound silly, but to me, the more compartments in an environment, the better. And no, I’m not just referring to drawers and cupboards, after all, that everyone already knows. In my view, boxes, trays and baskets are details that make a difference not only in the organization of the environment, but also bring that extra charm to the decor.

Organizing and Decorative Baskets

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Like a good Virgo, in my house there is no lack of these “organizational” adornments and, of course, there will be no lack of pieces of the type in the new production company. And for you who think a basket is too old and too obvious, I came to show in this post how there are dozens of cool alternatives to complement the decor of the living room, the bookcase, the bedroom, the office … You can use and abuse the textured models, colorful and patterned ?


Organizing and Decorative Baskets

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Whether organizing blankets, pillows, magazines or even controls, you’ll always have a reason to leave a basket in the living room. The models in straw and wires are perfect classics for this environment and it is worth betting on bolder versions to complete the decoration.
If you choose straw, how about varying the prints? In the case of metal you can invest in options in copper, gold and even rose gold!


There is no shortage of trinkets to organize in the room, right? The basket can go under your bed and store sheets; stand by the door to put dirty laundry; or even end up at your desk. Now, if it is a children’s room …

Organizing and Decorative Baskets

Photos: Etsy via Pinterest and Etsy via Pinterest

… you can use and abuse creativity! Instead of storing the most used toys on a daily basis in a chest, why not invest in a playful print basket? The little ones will have more autonomy when picking up toys and the piece still leaves the decoration super charming.


Magazine rack, shelf organizer, dirty clothes compartment, extra toilet paper storage … There are plenty of options for using baskets in the bathroom! I confess that pieces of straw and wood are my favorites for this environment!


Organizing and Decorative Baskets

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Tidying up paperwork and office accessories can give you a headache … If you use a lot of material, like me, and have a studio, it is really worth investing in the larger baskets. They can either be on the floor or can also be used to decorate the shelves ?


Last but not least, let’s talk about organization in the kitchen. Wire baskets are great to use as fruit bowls, right? In addition, smaller baskets can accommodate your favorite utensils, spices and even books on the counter ?


Did you see how there are several ways to incorporate the baskets into the decoration? To help you choose the best option, I made a very complete selection with 10 pieces that work in the most varied environments and combine with different styles!
Organizing and Decorative Baskets
1- Le Pinpop at Dafiti – R $ 150.00
2- Riachuelo – R $ 49.90
3- Americanas – R $ 30.69
4- Do Knit Atelier & Boutique de Yarns – By Joyce Duque at Elo7 – R $ 74.00
5- Tyft at Mobly – R $ 49.39
6- Godim Arts Baby at Elo7 – R $ 150,00
7- Ilunato at Americanas – R $ 89.00
8- Tok & Stok – R $ 72.00
9- Le Pinpop at Dafiti – R $ 82.00
10- Cromus at Mobly – R $ 24.90

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