Organizing your beauty items

Organizing your beauty items

Are you also one of those who messes up the whole bathroom to find that base or that eyeliner? Enough of the mess! I have separated some tips for you, and me, to organize the beauty products in a much more practical way!

Nail polishes


Photo 1 – Cosmopolitan / Photo 2 – Daily makeover / Photo 3 – Yahoo

Bombonieres, boxes and balls (simple, double, triple …) are great options for organizing nail polishes! It is much more practical to visualize the colors and is a charm.



Photo 1 – Daily Makeover / Photo 2 – The Everygirl / Photo 3 – The Zoe Report

Brushes get dirty easily, but you don’t need to throw them in any case. Different glasses, maison jars and even glasses cases can solve your problems – besides looking beautiful!



Photo 1 – Casa Bonita / Photo 2 – Second Street / Photo 3 – Pink Peonies

I really like perfumes on display. The bottles are almost always beautiful and I prefer to leave them exposed. The first and third pictures are great suggestions for them to draw more attention on your countertop (or sink). But if you have a lot of perfumes or prefer to leave them in the drawers, the second photo brings a simple and very feminine solution – the lace set will not let the bottles fall!

Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Photos 1 and 3 – Cosmopolitan / Photos 2 – Buzzfeed

A large part of the packaging is made of metal and therefore a magnetic panel can greatly help the organization of your products. And you can even put your staples, as in the photo, as they are always hard to find around the house! The other suggestion is to recycle bottles of various shapes and sizes – besides being super colorful, you still save money. In the last image, the devices are much more organized in a personalized box (you can paint or paste contact paper, as I said here on the blog).

Ready to organize your mess?

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