Ortakoy | Istanbul


Ortaköy is a neighborhood where local people usually stroll on weekends and on sunny days. It faces the strait and the Bosphorus bridge, which is one of the main postcards of Istanbul, in addition to being responsible for connecting the European side with the Asian side of the city.
In this neighborhood you will also find a fair with typical foods, the pier that is breathtaking (you could spend hours there looking at nothing), some very good cafes, stalls selling clothes, jewelry, jewelry and of course, the Ortaköy mosque , one of the most exciting that I visited on this trip.
I didn’t think I would go to a mosque that day, but everyone in the group was saying that she was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but enter. As I was wearing a short dress I had to put a type of Kafta that is separated in a box next to the mosque. I had brought a handkerchief, so I didn’t have to get one there.
Getting to know this mosque was one of the most touching experiences of my life. The energy that was there was so wonderful, the people praying, the late afternoon light that came in through the stained glass, the beautiful and soft carpet, the crystal chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, everything at that moment made me understand the strength and the vibration of a truly place of prayer.
I highly advise anyone going to Istanbul to also look for mosques like this to enter and not just tourist ones, as their body and mind leave there renewed and with incredible peace of mind.
The neighborhood is also beautiful and spend at least 2 hours walking through its super charming and decorated streets that are worth the walk.

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