Our corner in Manaus: Hotel Villa Amazônia!

Our corner in Manaus: Hotel Villa Amazônia!

You know that Paulo and I always program and research the places we travel to a lot, right? Choosing the hotel is always a crucial point in our travels, because it is useless to know an incredible place and spend time in stuck accommodations.
When we were planning our trip to the Amazon, Villa Amazonia was immediately shown to us, a design hotel very well located in the center of Manaus. Researching more about the place, we found that the facade, the restaurant and the reception are in the area of ​​an old mansion from the time of the rubber cycle, that is, all the architecture and many details are preserved.
Obviously, getting there we were even more surprised. Do you know when everything has that super-hot style? For us, feeling welcomed is essential – and the service was impeccable, everyone was very attentive!

In the room, although we do not see many differences like flowers and unusual details, something we expected to be a design hotel and not a large chain, we were very well accommodated: delicious bed, comfortable and clean mega room. The full room tour is already here ?


Of the three nights we stayed there, two left us with cupuaçu chocolatinhos – I wanted them on the three days, because they were so delicious, haha ​​? In fact, trying local foods is always part of our travels, but breakfast, although delicious, I didn’t have as many regional options as we saw in the city’s markets.


Now, the hotel’s strong point is for decoration, especially in the common areas! The mix of design from the time of construction of the mansion and the contemporary was perfect, the restoration was really impeccable. The spaces are spacious, well ventilated, delicious and with a beautiful decoration! The reception and breakfast room are amazing! For those who were curious we showed a little more on the fourth vlog in Manaus, just click here!



And what about the pool? Obviously I couldn’t resist and at the end of the trip I had to take a dip! The water was at the best possible temperature – you could cool off, but without freezing ?

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