Our First Hours on Russian Soil |  St. Petersburg
Our first hours on russian soil st petersburg

Our First Hours on Russian Soil | St. Petersburg

Anyone who follows the travel videos on the channel knows that we love to visit different countries and places that escape the most classic routes, right? Imagine, then, our happiness when making a trip of almost a month for Russia! This is a place that really surprised us in every detail, after all, we have never been in such a different environment in life.
Only the airport signs with the Cyrillic alphabet they already gave us a small dimension of what was waiting for us outside! Our first stop in the country was the city of Saint Petersburg; and can i speak? She has already become one of my favorites in the world!

As you may imagine, the first day (or rather, night) of the trip was more peaceful and when we arrived at the hotel we just thought about resting. But of course we did a tour of the room on the channel, right? We chose to stay in Astoria Hotel and, in addition to the incredible location on St. Isaac’s Square, the centenary history of the hotel greatly influenced our decision ?
The building is from 1912 and it was actually built as a luxury hotel that was designed to accommodate tourists who would come for the Romanovs’ tricentennial in mid-1913. Time passed and the place was home to important names of the Russian Revolution and was still the stage for a speech by none other than Lenin. During the Second World War, the hotel became a field hospital that housed Soviet soldiers. Well, people, there are many stories in one place!

Despite the spoiled fruits and the dust in some corners of the room, the place was incredible! Very spacious, mega comfortable bed with a pillow menu (yes, it does exist) and a wonderful bathroom. In fact, this bathroom was so, but so beautiful that it was difficult to define what we like best: the marble, the bathtub, the Facilities… Now, the photo of one of 007 movies on top of the toilet really caught our attention!
Of course, after the tour we went to research the franchise’s relationship with Astoria and we found some things. Although the photo is from the film From Russia with love, or Moscow Contra 007 in Brazil (1963), the hotel only appeared in the 1995 film, GoldenEye ? Not that it will change anything in our lives, but the fact is that Paulo and I love to “discover” these peculiarities related to films, series, books… Are you also like that?

Well, even though it’s a quieter day, you can already see some of the differences and peculiarities in our first hours in Russia! THE full video is down here and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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