Outdoor activities These sports make the pounds drop

Outdoor activities These sports make the pounds drop

It doesn’t always have to be the way to the gym. These outdoor activities can also burn calories quickly and effectively.

Exercise is much more fun in summer. For many, people simply train better in the fresh air than in the stuffy gym. And outdoor sports are particularly effective when it comes to calorie consumption. But which outdoor sports bring the most benefits?

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Wessinghage (“Running really well”), doctor, author and former athlete, explains: “The more muscle groups are integrated into a movement, the higher the calorie consumption per unit of time. And of course you should be able to persevere in the sport for a certain time.”

To run

The ultimate in calorie burners: jogging. Not only is it easy to exercise at any ability level, but it also burns the most calories – around 320 in half an hour.

For faster calorie consumption, Prof. Wessinghage advises: “You should increase your training continuously: more often, longer, faster. And if necessary, take small breaks and do strength training.” In addition, small changes in pace, for example in the form of sprints, increase the load and thus boost calorie consumption.


Cool down and burn calories at the same time, while rowing you can combine both. In 30 minutes, you burn almost 280 calories. In addition, rowing is particularly gentle on the joints, as it takes place while sitting. Nevertheless, it trains almost every part of the body: In addition to arm, shoulder and back muscles, the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and calves are also used.


Off to the mountains. When hiking, athletes not only effectively consume a large amount of calories, they are also rewarded with a great view at the summit. Distracted by nature and the distant view, you hardly notice that you are actually doing strenuous sport. And so you burned 1,300 calories in three hours.

To go biking

When mountain biking, you burn around 350 calories every half an hour, depending on the incline and speed. When riding a road bike, there are around 460 calories in the same amount of time. But cycling to work is also worthwhile: half an hour of leisurely cycling consumes 200 calories.


Hardly anything is more refreshing on hot summer days than jumping into the water. In addition, the water resistance can burn a lot of calories when swimming: up to 350 in half an hour. Swimming is particularly recommended for beginners as it is easy on the joints and results are seen quickly. Aqua fitness is therefore also recommended: Here you can burn up to 400 calories in half an hour.

Outdoor sports: burn more calories

Regardless of the sport, the following applies: the higher the intensity, the more calories are burned. Prof. Wessinghage explains: “The faster you go, the more energy is consumed. How fast you go depends on the level of training.” A beginner who is less well trained may burn more calories running slowly than a well trained runner running at the same speed.

Outdoor sports: How to protect yourself from the sun and dehydration

Drinking plenty of water is generally important when exercising. In summer we sweat even more and lose more fluids. It is therefore particularly important to drink enough water.

And sun protection should not be forgotten when doing outdoor sports: This includes protection in the form of cream or oil with a sufficient sun protection factor as well as the right clothing. The eyes should be UV-protected by sunglasses, the head with a baseball cap or a hat.

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