Outlined to Get Out of the Obvious

Outlined to Get Out of the Obvious

Many times when we think of a bold make-up, extravagant colors and very new products come to mind, but of course you can vary your make-up with what you already have at home. I live on eyeliner myself and hardly ever leave the traditional kitten. Although I love the effect of this little bit longer, yes, there are many other ways to use the eyeliner and highlight the look ?

Outlined to Get Out of the Obvious

Photo: Beauty Dia

Doing a double or even a triple outline may seem overdone, but I can guarantee that the result will be incredible! You can also bet on something more delicate and make just the tip of the kitten outline, dare in a super thick outline to impact, pull a more square kitten … Just use your creativity!

Outlined to Get Out of the Obvious

Photos: Vogue | Glam Radar | Camera-ready cosmetics | Dior Caster Style | The Benevolent Madilllo | British Vogue | The Every Girl

Whoever has more precision and practice in the outline can play in hollow drawings, it is very modern! Using other colors can also be a simpler solution to enhance makeup.

Where to buy?

I made a selection with 10 eyeliner with different textures, finishes and, of course, prices. Feel free to suggest more options, after all, the more alternatives, the better, right?
Outlined to Get Out of the Obvious
1- Vult’s Carbon Black Eyeliner Pen at Época Cosméticos | R $ 24.50
2- Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Liquid Eyeliner at Sephora | R $ 175.00
3- Eudora’s Diva S. Preto eyeliner at The Beauty Box | R $ 49.99
4- Nars Stylo Carpate eyeliner at Sephora | R $ 149.00
5- Nars Eye Paint Black Valley Eyeliner and Eyeshadow at Sephora | R $ 139.00
6- MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline Blacktrack Gel Eyeliner | R $ 76.00
7- Natura Una Black Pen Eyeliner | R $ 26.90
8- Lancôme Liner Plume eyeliner at Sephora | R $ 249.00
9- Kat Von D Tattoo Liner at Sephora | R $ 125.00
10- Revlon Gel Line Colorstay Black eyeliner at The Beauty Box | R $ 39.90

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