Overalls for the hottest season of the year

Overalls for the hottest season of the year

The jumpsuit is a practical piece that looks good on everyone! Short, tall, skinny, fuller … There’s no excuse! There are several options for you to choose the one that suits you best.



Photo 1 – Nasty Gal / Photo 2 – Stockholm Street Style / Photo 3 – Gigi Hadid Fashion Style

This is a great option for those who find overalls Boring. The side and back cutouts are very sexy and are sure to attract attention! The boldest looks are great for parties and trendy dinners.

I’m a super fan of the play! If you find a model with cutouts and in more vibrant tones or with a form wider, feel free to use on the day with flat sandals or espadrilles.



Photo 1 – Fashion Concept / Photo 2 – Steal the look / Photo 3 – Steal the look

The looser models, lighter fabrics like linen, are amazing to compose a casual look. If you don’t want to take chances with more alternative models, use a black basic and combine with cooler accessories: hat, round glasses, flatform, birken…



Photo 1 – Guest of a Guest / Photo 2 – Helena Bordon / Photo 3 – Pinterest

Noble fabrics and more structured modeling are perfect to create a beautiful party or night look. The jump makes all the difference! I really like the pantaloons “pants”, it is much more chic. This does not prevent you from daring with a tighter model like Helena Bordon (photo 2); it looks amazing!



Photo 1 – Mango / Photo 2 – My Vintage Armoire / Photo 3 – Cabin Style

The face of summer! Jumpsuits with ethnic or floral prints are the face of the season! Opt for more vibrant colors so that the look is super solar. The piece is very day by day and even if it doesn’t look like it is very basic! Want something better than wearing just 1 piece and being ready to enjoy the day?
There are many options, right? I selected some of my favorites:

  1. Salinas at Farfetch / R $ 349.00
  2. Lale at Walesist / R $ 329.00
  3. Loft 747 at OQVestir / R $ 676.00
  4. Farfetch / R $ 379.00
  5. Market at OQVestir / R $ 299.90

Did you like the looks?

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