Overalls: The Versatility of the Piece in the Cold

Overalls: The Versatility of the Piece in the Cold

I always enjoyed wearing dresses and I think the main reason is the practicality that a unique piece provides. However, lately I have preferred to bet on overalls! Both pieces are comfortable, easy to use and combine, but I still think that overalls most often make the production more modern and even “unusual” if used on formal occasions and / or parties ?

Taking advantage of the fact that the cold is getting stronger in some regions of the country and already winter is finally here, I decided to talk about the use of this piece when the temperature drops! That’s because unique pieces are always very welcome, especially in the cold when we put on looks full of layers, right?


Like any other piece, the choice of material makes all the difference when it comes to climate. Linen or silk models, in addition to not heating up so much, have a more summery feel that often does not match the other heavier pieces of a cold look, such as boots or jackets.
But you need not worry, because there are a multitude of materials that work very well in winter, such as leather, suede, twill, jeans and, of course, velvet (my favorite)!


Overalls: The Versatility of the Piece in the Cold

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Pieces with a utilitarian footprint are super high, so you can find options in various colors and fabrics to enter the trend. This is a heavier piece, but not less versatile, okay? You can use it with sneakers or oxfords, if the intention is a more “masculine” look.
However, you can also change the proposal by combining it with a pumps or a short-heeled boot. Giving that double on the bar also helps a lot when making the production lighter.

Of course, for those who enjoy a more sophisticated footprint, there is no lack of more feminine models. The necklines, armholes and cutouts always make the model more delicate ? The versions that mark the waist well and the most fluid fabrics with pantaloons are also very welcome at this time.


We talked about cold, we already think about third warm pieces, right? Jumpsuits, unlike dresses that usually have a more summer face, go well with any third piece: jackets of the most varied fabrics, blazers, jackets and also sweaters that act as blouses!
In fact, for those who found it difficult to versatile a jumpsuit, it is worth testing combinations with wider and closed tops, since this way it becomes a “real” pants!


Even more interesting than playing with traditional third pieces, it is worth betting on the pieces that go under the overalls. Simple long-sleeved blouses with or without high collar, light knits and even shirts are great options. Why not take advantage of the late fall to use and abuse these lighter combinations?


Overalls: The Versatility of the Piece in the Cold
1- Forum’s Red Pantalona Jumpsuit at Dafiti – R $ 489.99
2- Plush jumpsuit at Renner – R $ 159.90
3- Olympiah Tulum Red Jumpsuit at Gallerist – R $ 335.40
4- Leather Crossover Jumpsuit from AMARO – R $ 199.90
5- Blue Lez a Lez Jumpsuit at Dafiti – R $ 209.99
6- Hoppy Jumpsuit that Ruffles by AMARO – R $ 179.90
7- AMARO V-Neck Tailoring Jumpsuit – R $ 199.90
8- Smooth Velvet Jumpsuit at Renner – R $ 159.90
9- Long Jumpsuit with Adjustments by A.Brand at Farfetch – R $ 598.00
10- A.Brand Sininho overalls at Farfetch – R $ 338.90

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