Oversized and Coturno Jacket for Look Rocker

Oversized and Coturno Jacket for Look Rocker

As much as I love colors, I can’t resist an all black look every now and then. Since my last trip was cold, I couldn’t resist and set up a heavier and darker production. I think after days of intense heat in Brazil, I was in the mood to put all those heavier pieces into the game, haha ​​?
Well, after I saw the amazing jacket at the À La Garçonne store – which is actually one of my favorite spots in São Paulo – I had no doubt that I would put together a look with this piece. The model too big it’s comfortable, warm and super stylish, right? For you to get a sense of the wonderfulness of this model, the jacket is all hand painted!
Oversized and Coturno Jacket for Look Rocker
Well, I think I made my passion for this piece clear, but in addition to it, I added some other models that I love. The 3 × 1 pants, for example, are one of my favorites in life. Despite being nothing but a black skinny, she dresses very, very well. Incidentally, this is one of my favorite brands of life pants and if you ever have the opportunity to visit the studio in NY, be sure to go! There you can even make a custom-made model, it’s amazing!
Another piece that has even appeared in another look here on the website is the shirt of a French brand that I love: Zadig & Voltaire. She is black, wildcard, but has a charm on the collar that is great to take the look of the obvious.
Oversized and Coturno Jacket for Look Rocker
The accessories, obviously, followed the same “card”. The boots with buckles are very heavy and have the same footprint rocker from jacket to feet ? The bag, as always on the shoulder, finished production. I chose a model with less information precisely because the jacket was the main focus of the top.
Oversized and Coturno Jacket for Look Rocker
So, who is already counting the days to use the winter clothes? I hope this look inspires you to get out of the obvious a little bit even though it’s all black.
Jacket – A La Garçonne
Blouse – Zadig & Voltaire
Pants – 3 × 1
Coturno – Santa Lolla
Bag – Red Valentino


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