Overview of Weight Loss What is the Best Diet For Me?

Overview of Weight Loss What is the Best Diet For Me?

I’m on a diet, the pounds have to be dropped! Whether it is the resolution for the New Year or simply the desire for the summer dream figure … There are as many reasons for fasting as diets themselves. Marians Welt has put the most popular diets to the test.

The same procedure as every year … Every January the demand for diets skyrockets. At the beginning of the new year, many people in particular plan to finally reach their dream weight and get back the bikini figure they have been missing for so long. Many people ask themselves the question in the New Year: How can I lose weight? The key to losing weight is the same for all diets: you need to eat fewer calories than you use. But the way to get there is different for each diet. The question arises: which diet is right for me, which one can I use to lose weight permanently? So that you can work your way through the flood of the diet world to find the best diet for you, we introduce you to the classic weight loss program. What you can eat with which of the known diets and how you can lose weight you can read here:

Eat consciously with clean eating

In the true sense of the word, clean eating is more of an attitude than a strict diet. Everything revolves around a pure, clean diet. Of course, clean eating does not mean that vegetables and fruit are cleaned particularly well, but that you only use products for cooking that are free from artificial ingredients and without refined sugar. Pre-processed ingredients from the bag as well as finished products from the freezer are taboo. Only freshly prepared food made from fresh (organic) products is served on the table, making it a healthy diet. Much emphasis is placed on seasonal and regional ingredients. Clean eating definitely leads to a more conscious diet. The pounds are only shedding slowly, but if you want to lose weight healthily, this is the way to lose a few pounds!


Clean eating
Better conscious nutrition than diet

7 steps to becoming a nutrition professional. Clean eating is not about dieting or doing without, but about eating more consciously. Your body gets what it needs and at the same time you protect the environment.

Low Carb Diets:

Low-carb stands for carbohydrate minimization. The focus of low-carb diets is on ingredients rich in protein and fat. Carbohydrate bombs such as pasta, bread, cake or even chips are radically removed from the menu. The idea behind low-carb is as simple as it is ingenious: the body prefers to burn carbohydrates. As long as there is enough of it, fat reserves are not touched at all. If you take this source of energy away from the body, it has to switch to burning fat, which means that pounds and love handles disappear step by step.

The classic: the Atkins diet

The American cardiologist and nutritionist Robert Atkins is the father of all low-carb diets. In the 70s of the last century he developed the Atkins diet named after him. The aim of this is to achieve the desired weight only by radically avoiding carbohydrates and then gradually approaching the exact amount of carbohydrates with which the weight is just kept and does not increase again. Even today, many Hollywood stars swear by the Atkins diet when it comes to losing a lot of weight fast. However, nutritionists have long warned of the health disadvantages of the meat-heavy diet according to Atkins. Even in times of climate change, a meat-based diet no longer seems to be ethically appropriate.

Two girls at low carb breakfast

low carb
Just lose a lot with the Atkins diet?

The Atkins diet is the secret star among the low-carb diets. Marians Welt examines the effectiveness and efficiency of the Atkins diet.

“Slim in your sleep” with the Pape diet

Losing weight while you sleep sounds almost too good to be true. But according to Dr. Detlef Pape is not a pipe dream. Dr. Pape believes that burning fat while you sleep is particularly effective. Accordingly, it is sufficient to bring the body to burn fat only in the evening. In contrast to the Atkins diet, the “slim while sleeping” method does not require carbohydrates until the evening. The advantage of the Pape diet is that the health risks are far lower than with the more radical Atkins approach. On the other hand, this diet is not without a lot of discipline: snacks between meals are as taboo as small snacks in front of the television. Losing weight with the Pape method is slow, but the yo-yo effect is often absent.

Woman lolls in bed

Slim in your sleep
With the Pape diet, pounds drop overnight

With the “slim in your sleep” diet according to Dr. You take off Pape in a dream. You can lose a few pounds in your sleep with the Pape diet. You can find out how “slim in your sleep” works here.

Stone Age modern: the paleo diet

Not everything was better in the past, but at least some things were good – at least that’s the idea behind the Paleo diet. Human beings were not created by evolution to digest certain foods. Here is the interface to clean eating. The Paleo method therefore assumes that the ideal diet for a person contains the ingredients and methods of preparation that existed as early as the Paleolithic. The no-go list is not as big as one might assume: you only have to do without milk and dairy products as well as processed grains. Of course, alcohol and sugar are also not allowed. The same applies to the Paleo diet as to clean eating: It is more of an attitude than a strict diet plan, but it can certainly lead to shedding a few pounds and maintaining the desired weight.

High protein foods

Paleo diet
Lean and fit with stone age recipes?

The paleo diet relies on good things from the Stone Age: a diet like that of Fred Flintstone can help you shed excess pounds! We have summarized the most important facts about the Paleo diet for you!

Detox diet: the poison has to get out!

Detox stands for “detoxification”, ie for detoxification. The idea behind this is that when we eat unhealthily, toxins and waste products build up in our bodies. A detox cure is used to wash precisely these substances and waste products from the body. Accordingly, the focus is primarily on liquid foods. Typically, there are many teas at Detox, especially herbal teas, ginger tea, and green tea. Solid food is often only available later in the course of a cure. Again, the focus is on detoxification: green vegetables such as cabbage and citrus fruits are on the menu. Detox also means a massive change for the body, which is why many people feel weak and exhausted, especially at the beginning of the treatment. After a period of getting used to it, however, the energy returns: Now you feel fresh and efficient. Because of the extremely low-calorie diet, you will also lose a few pounds quickly with Detox. However, there is always the risk that they will come back just as quickly if you switch back to your usual diet after the detox cure.

Lean without a diet thanks to intermittent fasting:

The classic weight loss fasting is being extended: Instead of fasting for several weeks at a time, as was done in the past, intermittent fasting is about avoiding food for only a manageable period of time. For example, the 5: 2 method or the 16: 8 scheme are popular. 5: 2 means nothing else than that you can eat normally five days a week, but abstain from food on two days of the week. 16: 8, on the other hand, describes a day: the meal window is open for eight hours, and you have to go without food for 16 hours. Intermittent fasting turns common diets on their head: Instead of using any tricks to achieve weight loss, intermittent fasting starts at the central point: overall, fewer calories are consumed than are consumed. The approach promises not only less weight but also weight loss without hunger attacks and the yo-yo effect. The meal breaks are always manageable and therefore easy to hold out. This will keep you motivated to lose weight and intermittent fasting will help you on your way to your desired weight.

Limes, green pods and clock

Intermittent fasting
Lose weight according to a plan and without a diet – it works!

Lose weight without a diet? Intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight by skipping individual meals.

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