Ovomaltine Recipes: 5 Delicious Options to Make Now!
Ovomaltine recipes 5 delicious options to make now

Ovomaltine Recipes: 5 Delicious Options to Make Now!

THE ovomaltine is it unique in the market and isn’t it impressive that no other brand can copy its unmistakable crunchy flavor and texture? Because it’s so unique and so loved, we’ve put together five incredible recipes to make at home. From cake to pudding, the ingredient yields irresistible delights! Check the recipes here:


For anyone who is a fan of creamy sweets, the brigadeirão pudding from ovomaltine is a perdition. In addition to being super easy to make, it is delicious and is perfect for killing that sweet tooth.
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The fans of petit gateau cannot fail to taste this gastronomic wonder! The ovomaltine cake with soft and warm filling is the perfect combination for a creamy banana ice cream.
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Everyone knows brownie in its traditional square shape. So, why not innovate and serve on sticks? To accompany, a delicious nest cream.
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Would this dessert be a cake or a milkshake? Or both at the same time? To learn how to prepare this beautiful ovomaltine candy, just check out step by step ?
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recipes with ovomaltine


What is not lacking in the world of party sweets are brigadeiros with various types of chocolate. And, this version with ovomaltine is one of the most delicious! To prove it, just doing it at home!
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