Pallet decoration

Pallet decoration

I love wood and pallets in the decoration of the house. Besides being beautiful, they are super versatile and, of course, cheap! How about getting inspired?



Photo 1 – Etsy / Photo 2 – Needles and Threads / Photo 3 – Luv Decor

The pallets on the bed are real wildcards. They look great in the most modern and rustic decorations. They can concentrate on the headboard or also serve as a support for the mattress!



Photo 1 – Marie Claire Magazine / Photo 2 – Handicraft Mural / Photo 3 – Perfect Order

The pallets at the foot of the sofa make the house much more rustic. It’s more risky, but they look amazing on balconies and outside areas. The mixture with bricks is great.



Photo 1 – The House My Grandma Wanted / Photo 2 – Fashionism / Photo 3 – High Heels and Bottle

You can use the boxes in a much more incredible way. I have an entire wall myself with wooden crates. In addition to being super affordable, they also look great in almost any decor (they don’t go very well with something more minimalist, for example). The shelves are beautiful and have a special charm.



Photo 1 – Chains and Posters / Photo 2 – House History / Photo 3 – Collection Workshop

Coffee tables or side tables are a charm! You can choose a darker wood, if your house is more modern and / or with an industrial design, but there are also several models with light wood. Besides, how about covering that demolition wood with glass? It gets more sophisticated!



Photo 1 – My House / Photo 2 – Catraca Livre / Photo 3 – Casa Abril

Pallets can stop in any corner (or wall) of your home! Living room, bedroom and even bathroom get versions from the simplest (which can be done at home) to super clean, like the bathroom in the last photo.
Do you already know what will change in your decor?

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