Panels and murals to decorate and organize the house

Panels and murals to decorate and organize the house

The panels and murals are usually associated with the decor of the room. They are ideas for hanging photos and messages that we want to show. But there are several ways to use your panel or wall. Want to see?

Photos and scraps


Foto 1 – Revista Mulher / Foto 2 – Buzzfeed

These are cool and incredible options for the office or bedroom. The minimalist touch is due to the fine lines that form a super cool design. This type of panel is simple to make and makes the environment very personalized.

Offices and workshops


Photo 1 – Vera Moraes / Photo 2 – The Hand Made Home

Using a magnetic panel with small holes is a simple and inexpensive tip for hanging and organizing your study and / or work objects. Another option is to nail small metal bands and hang baskets of different shapes. Besides making the wall beautiful, it is super useful!

Decoration and practicality


Foto 1 – Home For Now / Foto 2 – Minha Casa, Minha Cara

Nothing better than a checkered panel to hang your vases – the wall comes to life! More than that, the magnetic panels with holes can go to your kitchen! They are great for hanging baskets and utensils.
See how you can use these beauties in every corner of the house?

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