Panels to organize your office

Panels to organize your office

We spend much of our time at the home office! It can be an exclusive room, be in your room or even be a part of your living room. No matter the size, the important thing is to know how to organize it.
Panels – made of cork, fabric, grids or magnets – are the best options for keeping everything handy. There are several ways to organize yours and I have separated my 10 favorite ideas to inspire you!

Photo – Chic Sprinkles

The white and comfortable panel of the same tone leaves the environment super clean. This is the best option for those who want to expand the space. In the case of the photo, the cork panel was painted white – a simple and inexpensive solution to help organize the space.


Photo – Glamor Brasil

A cork wall is the easiest solution and looks amazing in more neutral environments. You can put photos, posters and notes on the entire wall. Visualization is much simpler and everything you need will be in view.

Picture – Bettys

A fabric panel can gain a new face with ribbons forming a graphic design. In addition to enhancing the look, this is a great option for placing photos and notes in “blank” spaces.

Picture – Servicolor

If your house has a more clean and minimalist style, several micro panels in sober colors are great. The color does not attract attention, but the detail of small pictures forming a large panel makes the environment more sophisticated.

Photo – iHeart Organizando

For the most romantic, nothing better than using a vintage frame to complement your panel. I loved this idea, because it has many details that make the office more feminine: the clothesline, the glitter clips themselves, the pink pins… They are super cheap pieces and ideals that you can make yourself at home.

Photo – Style at Home

If you enjoy a more impactful and modern environment, the graphic panel in bold colors becomes the focus of the office. When we opt for a strong piece, like the one in the photo, it is necessary to balance it with lighter furniture and a more neutral wall – otherwise, it is too over.

Photo – Paint the dress

For a cool home, the panels become real pieces of decoration. This more fun and cheerful touch of donuts instantly makes the environment more fun. Best of all, you can make it at home! The colorful thumbtacks still complement in a unique way.

Photo – Meu Paradissi

The grid as a panel is a more modern option! A black and white environment, for example, goes well with the piece. You can use wooden clothespins or even hanging clipboards.

Photo – Pop Sugar

A clean option, but no less interesting. The smooth panel, with only the edge worked, is great because it is possible to transform the layout at all times.

Picture – every girl

Panel 4 in 1! The cool thing here is the mix and the way the panel was organized: calendar, blackboard, magnetic and clothesline. This option is super functional and, best of all, it looks beautiful!
Have you chosen your favorite?

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