Paper holder to decorate and organize the environment

Paper holder to decorate and organize the environment

For those who, like me, love stationery items in decor, here’s a simple and effective idea! Instead of investing a lot of money in a large slate or in a glass, bet on a wall holder for rolls of paper.

Photo – George and Willy

As I told in the work diary, I discovered this piece by searching for references for the new production company. In addition to being able to expose our ideas to the environment, we can also simply use the space to organize ourselves better on a daily basis.
I saw many photos of the piece in offices and kitchens (two environments that I love). In the first space, you can use the paper to list the pending tasks; in the second, it can become a great place to write down everything from a recipe to the grocery list ?

Photos – Arquitrecos, Alibaba and Pinterest

I confess that I like the references with kraft paper better – I think the environment is cooler. However, for those who prefer a clean and minimalist decoration, the supports can also be used with rolls of bond paper.

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