Paris under the snow in photos and video

paris sous la neige photo video cover vue seine conciergerie

Like me, a few weeks ago, your Instagram feed must have been inundated with photos of Paris under the snow. Okay, maybe I’m doing a little too much… Our dear City of Light was not totally buried, I’m exaggerating (whatever). But understand me, I am Parisian. And like many Parisians, I had never seen so much snow in the capital! So, while everyone was panicking. While motorists dared me to drive more. And that many preferred to stay away from the cold; I decided to put on my warmest clothes and put my nose outside.

I just couldn’t miss such a unique event. I had to go out and enjoy Paris, a little numb under his white coat. I wanted to admire its architecture underlined by snow, marvel at its snow-covered parks. And I admit, maybe also make fun of the general panic that has arisen for three snowflakes. After a good coffee, I grabbed my small filming equipment. Then, I left very excited in the direction of line 1 for Hôtel de Ville. I had only one thing in mind, to bring back Paris under the snow in photos and video.

Paris under the snow in photos: my arrival at Hôtel de Ville

As I told you, I took the metro to get to the Hôtel de Ville stop. I already had a route in mind which consisted of starting from there and going up the quays of the Seine to the Zouave du Pont de l’Alma. Indeed, the latter probably had his thighs in the water following the flood of the previous days.

Anyway, when I arrived at the starting point of my excursion, I felt very happy at the sight of the snowflakes and of this all white city. The architecture of this emblematic place appeared to me to be more intense, more contrasted and atypical. When the snow lodges in the hollows of the building or settles on the curved surfaces of the statues, it accentuates their relief.

paris under the snow photo video statue city hall

paris under the snow photo video city hall

I also took advantage of this beautiful snowflake to have my portrait taken and propose on my social networks as well as on the page about this decoration blog, a more wintery photo.

blog deco decoration interieure clem around the corner diy design

The colors of Paris under the snow in photos

As snow covers everything, it envelops the city in white. It thus hides certain colors and reinforces others. In particular those which did not allow themselves to be buried. Thus, the urban landscape appears less contrasted. It seems indeed that all the colors tend towards gray, without creating a sad atmosphere. On the contrary, white illuminates and gives a feeling of softness to the city.

On the other hand, some colors stand out much more, such as green. Whether it was statues, roofs, metal installations or the green of the water, I immediately paid more attention to this color. And I realized that it is very present in Paris. Like beige by the way, these are colors that I don’t necessarily pay attention to before this day.

paris under the snow photo video lamppost perspective

paris under the snow photo video seine trees barge

paris under the snow photo video seine city monument

paris under the snow photo video gold green lamppost

paris under the snow photo video view of ferris wheel park

metro paris under the snow image paris under the snow

Paris under the snow on video

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