Park Vegan – The first vegan park

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park-vegan-the-first-vegan-park-julia-sardenberg-focus-on-the-pot-picnic-ickfdSource: Pan Focus
The vegan crowd already knows the difficulty of finding options for restaurants, shops or social venues suitable for the vegan ideal. However, this reality has been improving and following this movement a new option will appear with the first vegan park the world in Sao Paulo still in 2016. The project has been carried out with the support of SEBRAE and the person responsible for the architectural project is a vegan architect. And the proposal goes beyond gastronomy, with clothes store, footwear, cosmetics, hairdressers it is a tattoo Studio that follow the values ​​of veganism.
The place where the park will be has not been announced yet, but it will be created next to a subway station, in one of the most famous areas of São Paulo. THE park it will have an area of ​​more than 1,400 m², not counting the 500 m² of parking.
park-vegan-the-first-vegan-park-julia-sardenberg-dress-up-real-photos-of-park-ickfdSource: Dress up
Vegan Park proposes to be a community center, which will promote weekly events with the intention of disseminating the ideals of veganism, open-air cinema sessions, a living space with tables, chairs and trees promoting greater contact with nature.

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