Parts and accessories for summer 2018

Parts and accessories for summer 2018

I haven’t done a fashion post in a while, right? But as summer is coming, I thought it was a good time to talk about some trends that you will see a lot this season!
In order not to be a post just on a specific subject or piece, I separated the trends into 5 categories: pattern, color, modeling, footwear and accessories ?


Even those who are not connected to the world of fashion, certainly have seen a photo or showcase with this print! Vichy is nothing more than a lighter plaid that resembles that classic picnic blanket, you know? Jokes aside, I think this is a fun print that has everything to do with the season!
I confess that the versions in red and white are very striking for me, but the models in B&W and navy blue are super easy to match.

Parts and accessories for summer 2018

Photos: Luxury and Vintage in Madrid, Vintage Collage, Steal the Look, Vintage Collage, Girl with Curves and Gabi May


Vibrant red may seem like a complicated shade, but in fact it is great for those who have a slightly more basic style like mine. As I use a lot of black, white, gray and caramel, the tone is a great option for accessories and shoes!
For the more daring, the pink + red combo has it all! The tones are very similar so it’s not complicated to combine, but the result is a very impactful look, right?

Parts and accessories for summer 2018

Photo: Thassia Naves, Tudo Orna, Daily Mail and Rayza Nicácio


I always loved high waist and the clochard pieces show just that part of the body. The pants, shorts and pantacourts with this modeling are marked on the waist with a tie and loose on the hip. In addition to being very comfortable, they are great for varying classic jeans, right?
I really like this modeling in more neutral and earthy tones. Isn’t it all about summer?

Parts and accessories for summer 2018

Photos: Sarah Ellen (steal the look), dressed for and Mayara Rímolo


I’m not much of a heel, but when it’s comfortable shoes that add height, I love it! After the wave of flatforms (which I still like a lot), the medium block jump invaded the stores! It is impossible to find a brand that does not have at least one sandal model with the so-called block heel.
What I like about this type of jump is that, in addition to being comfortable, it works both during the day and at night.

Parts and accessories for summer 2018

Photos: Luisa Accorsi, Julia Engel, Free People and Stealing the Look


Who has never had a big straw bag to go to the beach? This season the models are smaller and can be used on other occasions ? My favorite versions are the tiny round ones. As some of you know, I’m not the type to carry huge bags so this model is perfect for me!

Parts and accessories for summer 2018

Photos: Alice Catherine and Stupid Girls

So, did you like the pieces? Tell us in the comments which ones you liked the most!

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