Party at Tastemade in LA
Party at tastemade in la

Party at Tastemade in LA

If you follow me on SnapChat (daniellenoce) and Instagram you must have noticed that I spent 12 days in Los Angeles at the invitation of Tastemade. The main reason was a party that happened the next day that I had landed there. An incredible party for all LA food lovers
There were many exhibitors, bloggers, youtubers, foodies and lots of nice people who love good food and good conversation.
As I arrived at the last minute for the event, the Tastemade kitchen team prepared 400 mini-cups with my dulce de leche panna cotta with whiskey whipped cream, which you can click here and find the recipe to make at home too!
At the party there were several exhibitors with lots of amazing food and drinks all made in LA by small producers. My panna cotta was the only dessert of the whole event, so you must already imagine that there was no mini-cup left, right?
Everything was delicious and was very well produced. Paulo and I had a lot of fun and even with my sprained foot I left there asking for an encore; D
event-tastemade-apple-tv-2015-2o # OOTD:
As I still had my foot in the boot, my looks ended up being a little limited, but even so I think I managed to produce a comfortable, relaxed look that still left me beautiful, elegant and confident to talk to everyone who was at the party.
Navy blue pleated skirt | Antix
Striped t-shirt with sequins | Kate Spade
Pantyhose | Wolford
Shoe | Tracey Neuls

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