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Hi! I know that the column is especially for wedding matters but, as we are talking about a party, I am making space to write about baby shower. [o que na verdade, se a gente parar pra pensar, é um evento que vem pouco tempo depois do casamento, né? Ou não. Enfim.]Bianca, a reader here at ICKFD, is waiting for Mariah’s arrival and is going to make a baby shower to celebrate life! She sent us an email asking what kind of sweets and ornaments can be placed on the table, since the party decoration will be all black and pink chock. As both are strong colors, I think it’s cool to make the sweets softer, to balance the entire production. In addition, the best thing is to choose small bite-size desserts, which fit in one bite.
decor-black-pink-tips-parties-marinamori-ickfd6photo: Thetomkatstudio
From there come the Cake Pops, macarons, whoopie pies and even mini tartlets. Cake pop, for example, can be made in any flavor and dipped in white chocolate with just a little pink dye. Finally, a black satin bow will make all the difference!
decor-black-pink-tips-parties-marinamori-ickfd9photo: Sweetapolita
Mini cupcakes (here are several recipes to get inspired) and madeleines, which are simple and delicious cookies, are also an option that brings charm to the candy table. Ah, that trick of putting confectionery and marshmallows in glass jars is right! ; D
decor-black-pink-tips-parties-marinamori-ickfd8decor-madeleine-tips-parties-marinamori-ickfddecor-black-pink-tips-parties-marinamori-ickfd2photos: Call me cupcake, Completely Delicious, Lily Shop
Did I mention that I love ties? They are elegant, graceful and perhaps easy to make. I say maybe because I suck at it D: – In fact, if you have any tips on how to make them right and in a quick way, write down here and tell me, please! But look how they take the jars with drinks (important tip for this baby shower, Bianca: Pink Lemonade! Recipe here) or mousse / brigadeiro / danoninho to another level!
decor-black-pink-tips-parties-marinamori-ickfd3decor-black-pink-tips-parties-marinamori-ickfdphotos: Hwtm / weddingchicks
I hope you enjoyed the inspirations and if you have any suggestions, comment! A kiss and a few more pictures of you.
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