Party souvenir: pie in the paper box!

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Imagine that you are at a party. After dancing to songs that bring you the best memories, sharing laughs with longtime friends and eating delicious snacks, it’s time to go. At the exit, each guest receives a souvenir: a triangular box wrapped in a delicate string of string.
Inside, there is a slice of pie for you to enjoy at home, calmly. With each mouthful, a different moment of the party resurfaces and rejoices you. Any doubt that this is a perfect souvenir?
I separated some inspirations for you to do at home and surprise those you love. The pie and cake recipes you can check here at ICKFD, but for this type of storage it is best to choose sweets that do not contain as much filling, or that are firmer, such as the dream peach pie, the Italian straw cake or the Oreo pie. Oh, don’t forget to line each box with a sheet of parchment paper, okay? Take a look at these ideas:
pie-in-the-box-marthastewart-ickfdickfd-etsy-gift-card-cake-boxpie-cake-box-stylemepretty-ickfdbox-cardboard-slice-pie-cake-gift-ickfd-merrythoughtSources: The Popper Pin Wheel, Martha Stewart, Etsy, Style me Pretty, Merry Thought
And here are two mold options. I think you can print at home on cardboard paper in a smaller weight, but anything just take it in a printer and that’s it! (I did not test the molds because my printer’s ink ran out, but I believe they will work well)
The lines must be cut and the dotted lines folded, right?
Like the idea? Tell me if you think it’s worth making at home and which pie you would choose to give as a gift; D
Kisses and until next time!

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