Paths and Jars for your Pet

Paths and Jars for your Pet

There is nothing more pleasant than giving a treat to those we love, right? When it comes to pet things get even better! I love to buy different things for my dogs and my cat.
There are so many accessories and food that it is difficult to contain myself. I decided to show you suggestions for very cute paths and feeders for your pets!

Bed for dog


Photo 1 – Pets Architect / Photo 2 – Guisa Pet / Photo 3 – Portobello

It all depends on the size of your dog and the style of its decoration! The first armchair, for example, looks amazing in a more modern and sophisticated decor – leather is ecological! The second is more fun, since the white piece with ears has a more differentiated and fun design. In addition, it accommodates smaller puppies very well. The last walk has comfort as its main feature. The wrapped cloth is super cozy!

Cat bed


Photo 1 – Pet Fusion / Photo 2 and 3 – Pet Lounge

Cat beds have to be very cozy and perfect for them to stretch and climb! The first one is incredible and composes very well with any decoration, since it looks like a design piece. The second is cuter, resembles a fish and you can put pillows and toys for your pussy. The last option is great for that cat that loves to spread out on the couch or even on the floor. The bed is beautiful and also has a unique design!

Dog feeders and waterers


Photo 1 – Alessi / Photo 2 – Bartô e Filó / Photo 3 – Benedixt

In addition to being beautiful, these feeders are great because they are heavier – so dogs don’t drag around the house! The first and the last are perfect for larger dogs and / or with longer ears. That’s because the pot is longer and easier to eat. The second is shallow and therefore ideal for small dogs. In addition, it is double and very compact!

Cat Feeders & Waterers


Photo 1 – Bartô e Filó / Photo 2 – Alessi / Photo 3 – Benedixt

Cats also deserve cute accessories, don’t they? As they usually eat less, you can enjoy the more compact pots! The fish-shaped design is very cute! The double pot with the kitten in the middle also becomes a decoration piece – and there are several colors! The comedourap from the last photo is also beautiful and helps to preserve food with the lid.

So, did you like the suggestions? I already had that urge to buy everything!

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