Patricia Blanco Roberto's daughter is getting thinner every day!
Patricia blanco robertos daughter is getting thinner every day

Patricia Blanco Roberto’s daughter is getting thinner every day!

It is getting narrower from day to day – Patricia Blanco seems to have completely succumbed to the weight loss craze. And she still feels too fat!

Is she now in the weight loss vortex? Celebrity daughter Patricia Blanco has already lost more than 50 kilos. After a stomach reduction, she lost so much weight through exercise and a healthy diet that at a height of 1.65 m she only weighs 57 kilos. She posts photos of herself on Facebook that show that outwardly she has become a completely new person.

The most recent photo shows that she has become thinner again. “Wonderful good morning and a great day – greetings from my favorite place, the bathroom,” she writes in a good mood. You can clearly feel how much she enjoys her new figure. But as is often the case with people who lose a lot of weight – the inner body image often differs from the outer, even when the kilos have tumbled.

She still feels too fat

Although she can now only wear size 36, the jungle camp star still feels too fat, as she reveals in an interview with “Closer”. “I’m not thin enough myself yet. At least four kilos still have to go down. ”And she obviously sees the danger of sliding from one extreme to the other. “I have to be careful not to get anorexic”.

Other beauty operations are also pending, as Marians Welt found out, everything should be perfect on the new body, no matter what sacrifices she has to make and how great her pain may be. Hopefully Patricia Blanco does not lose control of starvation and does not fall completely into the perfection trap.

Video: Patricia Blanco in the diet madness!

In the diet madness?

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