Perfect eyebrows!

Perfect eyebrows!

There is no point in making an incredible outline and forgetting to fix your eyebrows. The correction of small flaws and the finishing with makeup are very important for the look to become even more powerful!

products-to-correct-eyebrows-beauty-danielle-noce-0 Picture – Women’s Bag

I decided to tell you what I use the most when correcting the flaws in my eyebrows!
Shadow: The shade needs to be the correct shade so that the finish is as natural as possible. This is the most suitable product when correcting eyebrows at home!
Pencil: Anyone who has a scar or a lot of failure can invest in a pencil in the case. Be careful with the color, a lighter shade is ideal to not be too marked and artificial!
Transparent mascara: The transparent mask is perfect for fixing your eyebrows! In addition, the product is great for fixing hair.
Illuminator: The illuminator finish just below the eyebrows helps a lot to highlight them – for me it is one of the best points to illuminate the face!

  1. Sephora Professional Clear Natural Mascara Mask | R $ 59.00
  2. Perfect Duo for Eyebrows by Contém 1g | R $ 98.00
  3. O Boticário’s Chamfered Eyeshadow Brush | R $ 19.99
  4. Mary Kay Eyebrow Eyeliner Pencil | R $ 39.00
  5. Who Said Illuminator, Berenice? | R $ 35.90

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