Perfumery at home

Perfumery at home

Who doesn’t like to arrive at the house and feel that delicious smell? A light and soft aroma makes any environment more cozy and the most charming way to perfume your home is with scented candles.
There are thousands of options in perfumeries worldwide! I selected the 5 best brands for you to try:


The brand is a reference! Its aromatic candles are one of the flagships of French perfumery. Here in Brazil it can be found in stores specializing in perfumery or on sites like Farfetch. The price is quite salty, but they last a long time and the smell is delicious. Those who enjoy scented candles certainly cite Diptyque as one of the best.


In addition to being delicious, Voluspa’s candles come in wonderful packaging! The bottles and jars are so detailed that it is almost impossible to throw away! They are still expensive, but much less than the classic Diptyque. You can find decoration stores, e-commerces and imported stores.


L’Occitane has several stores across Brazil and is one of the best perfumeries we find here! They have several options of aromatic candles and my favorite is lavender!

L’Artisan Parfumeur

The brand, also French, with beautiful packaging and sensational aromas. You can find them at some imported and e-commerce stores.

Capri Blue


These candles are sold at Anthropologie (and you already know how much I love this store)! They have super detailed packaging, but also some simple and chic ones. I’m sure you will also fall in love when you feel their scent!
I’m sure you will fall in love!

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