Perfumes for Valentine’s Day

Perfumes for valentines day 1

Valentine’s Day is already coming, and if you left to buy the gift at the last minute, get ready for queues and more queues! The box will be full, but you don’t have to spend hours choosing what to give to your love, right?

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Perfumes are classic gifts for that date! Not only does the product have to please the recipient, but you also – after all, nobody deserves to give your partner a sick perfume. The task is not easy! The bottles are beautiful and sometimes we are enchanted by their appearance. However, you need to note which type of scent suits you best. Are they the florals? Or are they citrus?
I made a selection with great feminine and masculine perfumes! They have something for everyone, see?


Sweet perfumes are a national preference of women, but you need to pay attention not to miss the tone! If you ever heard your girlfriend talking about a very sickening perfume, it was probably sweet. If that’s your case, choose citrus and refreshing drinks that are also great options!

  1. Benetton Women’s Perfume United Dreams Stay Positive – Eau de Toilette | Beauty on the Web
  2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Women’s Perfume Eau de Toilette | The Beauty Box
  3. Tommy Hilfiger Girl Eau de Cologne for women | The Beauty Box
  4. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Women’s Eau de Toilette | Sephora
  5. Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Female Eau de Parfum | The Beauty Box
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