Permanently slim These 5 mini tricks really help you lose weight in the long term

Permanently slim These 5 mini tricks really help you lose weight in the long term

In the new year, people like to decide to lose something. However, keeping your resolutions is not always easy. Here are the five best tips on how to stay slim permanently.

1. Find a sports buddy

With a sports buddy you will overcome your weaker self in two ways. The sports companion motivates you even on days when you would rather make yourself comfortable on the sofa. He also gives you a certain amount of control, and you can talk to your sports buddy about training successes.

2. Get rid of habits

Can you blindly grab your favorite chocolate when you feel like it? You should change that urgently! Create a new order in your pantries and, for example, banish the chocolate to the top and hard-to-reach compartment in the cupboard. In this way you can wonderfully trick your nibbling psyche.

3. Avoid old behavior

Ok, everyone gets weak, and the fact that you ate half a pack of chips last night is not the end of the world either. However, this is by no means a reason to stop the freshly started diet! Don’t let small setbacks throw you off track and please don’t fall back into old patterns of behavior. Just start over and believe in your success!

4. Stick to your “no”

And don’t make an exception, because “no” means “no”. The more you stick to this motto, the better it will work out to persevere. And that’s exactly how you should do it with a convinced “yes”, especially if you have made good resolutions about your diet and health.

5. Maintain a straight posture

Not always easy, especially with an eight-hour day on the computer, but extremely important – always stand straight. This is not only good for your back, but also exudes a lot of self-confidence and is the be-all and end-all of a regular workout. With a straight posture you get the best out of yourself, so always stand up straight!

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