Petit Hermitage | Hotel Los Angeles

Petit Hermitage |  Hotel Los Angeles

Yesterday we arrived in LA super early and as usual we went straight to buy the cell phone chip to stay in touch with the kkk world. Then, as we were close to Target and Urban Outfitters, I took the opportunity to buy some products I needed / wanted.
So we ended up arriving at the hotel at around one in the afternoon. Some friends of ours had already recommended this hotel saying how amazing and super trendy it was. A place like that for you to go and not want to leave the edge of the pool and the loungers that hug you.
This is the type of hotel that Sophia Coppola portrayed wonderfully in her film Somewhere. That isolated, cool hotel where no one has seen or even know anything, that many actors and actresses stay for the world to forget about them for a while – or even for a little rehab or even to enjoy a lot until the sun rises and forgets of life.
The Little 305
Just yesterday I saw several of them around here sunbathing by the pool and drinking good drinks.
It is a super charming boutique hotel with a style that goes from gypsy, to hip, boho and with a touch of old hollywood. That is, incredible!
We had a little lunch here and, before going to the Tastemade party, we had a rest by the pool.
The rooms are super spacious and even have a mini kitchen for those who want to live here or make their own meal. The bed hugs you at bedtime and even the bathroom amenities are wonderful and with a smell of lavender that I love. And if you are traveling with your dog he can also stay here with you.
The breakfast was also absurd! With yogurt made at the hotel, lots of fruits, breads, jams and cheeses and you can even order hot dishes separately. But I didn’t even need it! I loved everything that was on the buffet!
Too bad today is my last day here and now I have to leave for Anaheim! I hope the next hotel is as nice as this one!
PS: We just checked out and I have never seen a hotel so insistent about departure time. First I asked to do a late check out, as I still had some shopping to pack in my suitcase. I usually do this and pay a separate fee for staying longer, but here it was not possible and they said I would have to leave until noon. Well, I hurried a lot and everything went well. I managed to leave at noon, but before I said they called our room at 11:45 to see if we were going to leave and then there was a knock at the door at 11:55 for the same reason. I thought this rushing situation was a bit bizarre, but if you don’t mind getting out of the hotel early, this is a great place to enjoy your soiree.
Small hermitage

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