Philly – a stroll through Philadelphia

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Some say that we can make the same trip three times. The first is before it happens, researching your path. Then comes the journey itself, and then telling God and the world. So. I am in the third stage of a trip in which I set foot on the road in less than 24 hours of deciding that I would be traveling. And when I visited this place, my fingers itched and the urge to write about it was inevitable!
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I’m talking about Reading Terminal Market, the age-old market in the city of Philadelphia. Philly, as it is best known, is two hours by car and a few minutes by bus from New York. It is one of the oldest cities in the USA and knowing it is the same as knowing a little more about the country’s history. It was there that the Benjamin Franklin, super important figure in the history of American independence.
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The market concentrates a huge variety of products related to food: from fresh ingredients to ready-made sauces, jams, homemade cheeses … As well as bookstores specializing in cookbooks, shops specializing in herbs and even coffees entitled to Brazilian coffee. Of course, several restaurants, patisseries and pubs!
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Given so many options, I say it was difficult to choose a place to have lunch, but as soon as I saw the Melt Kraft, I had to try this homemade cheese. The line was running, but after 20 minutes they were already taking my order: a Valley Tunder ($ 8.50).
In short, this was a grilled cheddar sandwich – matured for 12 months – with Bubbe’s beef and chips. Crunchy, well stuffed! The concentrated flavor of the cheddar made me very happy with my choice.
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With a happy belly and behind sugar, I come across this plate: We send cookies anywhere. The first thing I thought was “Whoa!” and right after seeing the name of the store, “Famous Cookies”, my dessert could only be a cookie! The coolest thing is that one of the options is a famous black and white cookie from New York City. I followed him being bathed and still waited 5 minutes to dry. Still got another flavor: chocolate hazelnut drops ($ 5.00 both)
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There, right next to the cookies, Mueller Chocolates, one of my travel companions was delirious. Danish and passionate about sugar, we find the hards licorice (bullets with a strong anise flavor), famous for their black and black bands. Yes, blacks – not a very attractive color for bullets, right? And the biggest learning of the day was: it is always good to try new flavors, but the taste is not always good. Here’s the tip!
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Fortunately, I still had my cookies under my arm to forget the taste of these candies. So I went to explore the city a little more. The black and white cookie is already quite sweet by nature, so two bites are enough to satisfy me and the cookie was crunchy and tasty.
For those who have extra time in New York, it is worth taking a bus at Port Authority and spend the day in the city. The sights are concentrated around the center and it is a good and beautiful walk. I venture to say that she has a New York feel to it.
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