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Often, when participating in jobs as a foodstylist, I receive reference photos from the client and I have to turn around to reach that result. It is not always as easy as it looks!
Photos can be deceiving (and a lot) and that simple dish is usually the most complicated to make. The other day, I came across glasses with the dry ingredients of layered cakes and cookies, just adding the liquids and heating to reach the final result. I decided to try it at home!
I will list the difficulties I encountered:

  • Choose the glass;
  • Make the recipe proportional to the size of the chosen glass;
  • Make the recipe work even with the ingredients – liquid and fractional dry;
  • Put these ingredients in layers, distributing them evenly;
  • Make the calculated volume fit the chosen glass;

In this case, what really worked was trial and error! I used a funnel to put the ingredients in the glass and a spice punch to compact them. Then I cleaned it layer by layer with a brush, before applying the next layer. I can say that it was a therapy – it requires a lot of patience – but in the end it was worth it!
photo reference ickfd2photo reference ickfd1

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