Photos on the wall

When we think about revitalizing the decor, a different painting or new furniture comes to mind, right? To give a new face to the environment, you can either invest in more drastic changes or in different and charming details ?
Spreading pictures around the rooms of the house may seem obvious, but it’s super cool. Hanging pictures on the walls is super hot and makes that bland white wall much more interesting!

photos-hanging-decoration-ideas-danielle-noce-0 Picture – Urban Outfitters

Clothespins with adhesives, nylon threads, threads with lights, iron murals, clothespins with fasteners, wooden boards … There are dozens of options to ask for your photos or references in an unusual way!

photos-hanging-decoration-ideas-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Urban Outfitters, Pinterest, Mobly, Le Journal de la Maison, Stick 9, 6th Street Design School, Formelle Design and Design Sponge


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