Picuí Beef – Maceió

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Located on Praia da Avenida in Maceió, Carne de Sol do Picuí is an unmissable place for its premium quality in Alagoas gastronomy. Chef Wanderson Medeiros, awarded as a revelation in 2012 by Prazeres da Mesa, plays with local ingredients, building and deconstructing tasty and charming dishes.
Plentiful food, regional flavors and a smile are part of the hospitality of the northeast. The ambience also reflects the same reference with a relaxed atmosphere for the clientele.
picui1 sun meat

Salad with sprouts, turnip, saffron, pout pout

picui5 Shrimp in Moranga with curd cheese

picui4 Ribs pressed in salt

picui2 sun meat Jerimun rennet cheese and Tapioca


Finally, an unforgettable Rapadura pudding!

Did you like the tips? When you come to Maceió, don’t forget to stop by. Big kiss!

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