Pierce Brosnan is James Bond getting out of hand?

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Pierce Brosnan celebrated his 60th birthday in May. Nevertheless, the former James Bond actor is still an absolute heartthrob. Still – because he is finding it increasingly difficult to keep his figure. The Irishman allegedly no longer feels like dieting and exercising.

Even at 60, Pierce Brosnan is still considered one of the most attractive men in Hollywood. But with a carefree lifestyle, the actor is now apparently endangering his status as a heartthrob. Because to the delight of his wife Keely Shaye Smith (50), the aged canvas beau reportedly prefers to spend his time with a bottle of wine than in the gym. “Keely loves to cook pasta and make sandwiches. She and Pierce enjoy fish and chips and casseroles. They also love good wine and drink at least one bottle every evening, ”reveals an insider now in the US tabloid“ National Enquirer. ”The former James Bond actor is still trying to fight the pounds with a daily sports program, but he drops with age his fitness routine became increasingly difficult. “He used to have no problem cutting out carbohydrates and exercising when he needed to get in shape. But the older he gets, the harder it gets, ”explains the source. And the 60-year-old can’t rely on motivation from his wife Keely. “While he tries to do sports every day, she prefers to sit on the beach, working on her career as a writer and taking care of the children.” The 50-year-old has long since made peace with her own curves. “She doesn’t care about her weight. And since Pierce says he loves her for who she is, she shows her plump figure with pride, ”the insider wants to know. But while the writer’s curves do not harm her career, the actor has to measure himself against Hollywood’s strict beauty standards to let. In his current film “How to Make Love Like an Englishman” he seduces his colleague Jessica Alba (32), who is 28 years his junior. But in order to continue to be cast as a heartbreaker, he will have to resist the fine wines and culinary delicacies more often in the future, for better or worse.

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