Pierre Marcolini

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Pierre Marcolini is one of the best chocolatiers in the world. He is passionate about what he does and this is reflected in his wonderful little chocolates. Since opening his first store in 1995, the same year he won the title of world champion in confectionery, he has been making a big splash with the innovative products he decides to put in his chocolates, such as: oak bark, patchouli, melon, pepper, saffron among others. Their chocolates are like jewels to be tasted slowly.pierremarcolini1
I fell in love with the “flavors of the world” box of chocolates, where you find chocolates with saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and many others. But as I am completely crazy about caramel, my favorite box is that of chocolates with different caramel fillings. My favorite was the caramel with passion fruit, imagine why right? I’m almost not missing a passion fruit.
But it is not only about chocolates that Mr. Marcolini lives. Their ice cream, macarons, guimauves, cakes, cookies and pies are equally beautiful and delicious! I gained about three kilos only on this visit ?
And another very cool thing, is that in the shop in the center of Brussels you can see the confectioners making the cookies in front of you and still talk to them about what is inside what he is doing and how he does it to prepare. It is a complete experience for those who like chocolates and sweets!
As Pierre Marcolini stores are spread all over the world, I will just put the website down here and you will be able to decide what is the best place for you to find these delights!

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