Pink! Porto with a 21st century face

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A few years ago, I noticed that the talk that “wine is an old man’s drink” is already a bit of a chore lol … And I could be sure of that earlier this month, when I was invited to an event by the importer La Pastina, for the opening of a line of Portuguese wines whose target audience is… THE YOUNG PEOPLE! 13 different labels were presented by a very young but very knowledgeable sommelier. It is living proof of how young people are, modern and curious! But let’s go to wines.
Over time, I will talk about each one I tasted in different posts, however, one of them caught my attention, the “PINK”. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t my favorite of the 13 tasted labels, but I really liked the idea it brings! So let’s go to the description of the cutest and pinkest wine of the night…
PINK is the first rosé port to be produced, and its extraction method allows the color of the bark to be extracted, but without the extraction of astringent tannins, making it a fresh wine, without the … we can call it “aggressiveness” from traditional Ports. However, since its production method is similar to that of the other Ports, it has a very high alcohol content: 19.5%. It is made from red grapes from the Douro Valley, and fortified with wine brandy, which leaves you with that Porto face! It has low acidity, is a well balanced wine, aromas of ripe red fruits, with a raspberry highlight, and a light floral note, and to make it more charming, the sweet characteristic of Port wine.
Well, as usual, after the description of the wine, I come with a list of harmonizations, correct? Not in that case, and that’s where the thing that caught my attention comes in. This wine was not made to pair with chocolate, gorgonzola or some super elaborated dish as usual (ok, ok… it harmonizes with almonds and olives according to the La Pastina website… I couldn’t resist and I had to put a note of harmonization lol). So, as I was saying, it was designed to make drinks! OMG! Me talking about using wines to prepare dinks ?!
Guys, I didn’t hit my head, no! I was really able to taste a drink prepared with it, ice and lemon slices – nothing more – and it was very tasty! Refreshing, delicate, elegant, tasty, and BEAUTIFUL! Its light pink color makes the drink super cute and I can already say that this wave has already caught on in Rio de Janeiro. During the tasting, I had a chat with the owner of the bar “Usina 47”, which is in the capital of Rio, and he told me that drinks made with Pink have already become the darlings of the establishment!
croft-pink-cocktails-wine-ickfdSome of the drinks offered by Croft on the website
And you want to know what else? Croft, Pink’s producer, made my / our life easier, and made available on their website a list of various drink recipes made with him… Here it is, look. His price is not as sweet as the flavor: R $ 98.00. Massss, as it is a Port, the price is not high, it is within the expected for a quality Port. I think it is very worthwhile to try, mainly because it combines so much with this heat of Brazil!
Now, let’s hope for Dani to make some drink recipes with him, right ?!
pink-croft-carol-araujo-ickfd-winepredatorSource: Wine Predator
And to get in his mood, I wouldn’t write in another language, I think Portuguese here will do well, so: Viva! Cheers! And let’s have a drink at the weekend! ?
top photo: Vintage Port Wine

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