Pink Quartz and Blue Serenity in Fashion

Pink Quartz and Blue Serenity in Fashion

Quartz pink and serenity blue, colors of 2016 (chosen by Pantone), look great in delicate and feminine looks. Both tones are pastel and therefore classic. Because they are “neutral” you can invest without fear of never using them again!

Rose Quartz


Photo 1 – Style Bistro / Photo 2 – Liz Stanley Of Say Yes / Photo 3 – Nadia Bartel

The quartz rose looks amazing in very fluid pieces, super light! Skirts and dresses are my favorites! In addition to the delicacy, you can make a more modern mix with black as in the last look.

Blue Serenity


Foto 1 – Getty Images / Foto 2 – Pinterest / Foto 3 – La Dulce Vida

Blue also looks great on fluid parts! The tone is easier to coordinate, very basic indeed! Look how Taylor combined with yellow accessories and salmon, super fun! The marsala, color of 2015, is also amazing!



Foto 1 – Fashion Inspo / Foto 2 – Stephanie Sterjovski / Foto 3 – Pinterest

The mixture is super cute, right? I think the simplest way to coordinate colors is with layers, that is, a cardigan is the best option. The accessories also make it a lot easier to combine the two tones. The second look, for example, was amazing with the pumps and purse!

Where to find?


  1. Mixed / OQDress up
  2. Cris Barros / Farfetch
  3. Amapô / Farfetch
  4. Vi and Co. / OQVestir
  5. Magrella / Gallerist

So, are you going to buy your pieces?

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