Piola – Veg (etari) years in SP

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Hi people! I was away for a while because there were SEVERAL changes in my life. The first novelty is that I adhered to the vegan diet! In addition, I left my permanent job and decided to dedicate myself to photography, theater, DJing, etc. Anyway, my schedule rocked more than I imagined and I ended up not being able to do so many reviews.
But I’m back and today I’m going to tell you about Al’s Piola. Lorena, in the Gardens. I was with Dani Noce, Paulo Cuenca and my friend Max, who is also a vegan, checking out the specific menu for vegans (Dani and Paulo were able to taste the traditional menu too).
Piola is an environment that has a certain visual identity that is repeated in all units, with a low, colorful and very pleasant light. The service is great and the drinks (hmmmm) too!
I found it very interesting that, even though Piola is known mainly for pizzas, they were concerned with putting more than just pizza, vegan, on the menu. There is a whole menu with pasta, salads and the manager Camila (super attentive, by the way), assured me that soon desserts too!
The pizza we ordered was half Orthomist and a half Tre Funghi. As a cheese substitute, Mandiokejo.
I confess that I liked Ortomisto, but TRE FUNGHI won my heart (I even went back and ordered a whole of Tre Funghi in the meantime and I ate nothing less than SIX PIECES. The dough is thin, crunchy and very good! the fact that there is no cheese is even lighter.
The price is not the most inviting of all, definitely more expensive than a disk pizza. But the quality is certainly not disk pizza either!
Anyone who is vegan and wants to have a special dinner with someone or a group of friends, can definitely opt for Piola.
It has an option for everyone and is worth the investment. Very recommended!

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