Pippa Matthews That’s how hard Kate’s sister’s diet is

Pippa Matthews That's how hard Kate's sister's diet is

She is a real sportsman. Marathon in the desert, by bike across the USA – no sporting challenge is too big for Pippa Middleton. The diet of Duchess Kate’s sister is no less harsh …

Pippa Middleton (32) has just successfully finished a cross-country race. After 13 hours, four minutes and 24 seconds, she finished. 54 kilometers through Norway on skis – no problem for the 32-year-old. The sister of Duchess Kate (33) is a real sports fanatic. Whether it’s a desert marathon or a bike tour across the USA, the greater the challenge, the better, seems to be her credo.

If you burn so many calories, you can actually eat what you want. Think. The 32-year-old does not indulge in any nutritional weaknesses. What is on her menu, the beautiful brunette now revealed to the British magazine “Hello”. “I eat three meals a day, which mainly consist of whole grains and high-energy carbohydrates,” she says and adds: “Depending on the training level, I increase the portions with lots of brown rice, lentils, quinoa and sweet potatoes. For breakfast there is rye toast and a porridge made from oatmeal. ”

It doesn’t sound really tasty. But shortly before a race, Pippa’s diet gets even harder. “A week in advance, I’ll start eating more consciously. Then I give up alcohol, sugar and all processed foods, “she says, but implores:” Otherwise I don’t worry too much about my diet. I like to eat much too much for that. “

Well then let’s believe that …

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