Pitaia, the dragon fruit

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When it comes to dessert, many people already think of those anti-diet monsters, extremely caloric that hypnotize us like a siren song. There are those who prefer not to see to not feel like it. But who was it that said that dessert is a villain in our lives and that it cannot be our ally in health? Have you heard of Dragon Fruit?
pitaia ickfd2source: Zoom50
Before talking a little about this somewhat exotic fruit, I would like to remind you that desserts are often sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, mainly through the use of fresh fruits, oilseeds, dairy products, herbs and spices. As for the chocolate bombs, a thousand leaves and other “fatnesses”, they are a source of pleasure and who thinks that pleasure does not matter for health? But let’s go in moderation huh? Balance does not limit anyone to do anything, on the contrary, it gives access to everything.
The Dragon Fruit, also called Pitaia, is born from a cactus, is already cultivated in some states of Brazil and brings many health benefits. Very juicy, with a texture reminiscent of kiwi and a sweet flavor (I would even say floral), it is a great dessert option and for regime. That’s because it fights cholesterol with the Omega 3 found in its seeds, it fights hypertension, it helps the metabolism to produce energy – which makes the body cease that urge to eat more (yes it inhibits appetite). Pitaia also regulates blood sugar levels, has vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, favors the immune system and benefits the intestinal flora. There are three most popular types of pitaya: white pulp, intense pink pulp and yellow peel. For me, the difference in taste is minimal, although the visual is a lot, and worth a try!
pitaia ickfd3source: Squidoo / Lynda Skarott
There is no need for any work, just take a pineapple, cut it in half and serve yourself with a spoon, excellent option for dessert or afternoon snack, easy to take anywhere. Are you preparing for a war against the scale? Take a Dragon Fruit into battle!
pitaia ickfd4photo: ModInfusion

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