Pizza dough: what types and recipes to make at home
Pizza dough what types and recipes to make at home

Pizza dough: what types and recipes to make at home

Six thousand years! This is about the time when the first Pizza was made. It wasn’t exactly the same as the one we know today, but it was there in the Egyptian lands that it all started (no, it wasn’t in Italy). The dish came up with a simple mixture of flour with water that formed a kind of bread incremented with several ingredients and baked. It has already been served as a sfiha, a sandwich and mainly as a simpler dish and to satisfy the hunger of the poorest. All of this until it took the form of the classic mass discs that we know today with many coverage possibilities.

Pizza dough: what types and recipes to make at home

Photo: Kimiya Oveisi in Unsplash

Ah, the trajectory was very long, arriving first at Italyin Naples in the Middle Ages. Then in other countries until it was brought by Italian immigrants to São Paulo, at the beginning of the last century. For a long time, until 1950, it was known only as an Italian dish and was not consumed by many people who already lived here. However, revenue started to spread and today it makes Brazil the second largest pizza consumer in the world!

exist 3 types of pizza dough main that we will talk about in this text and still give wonderful recipes. Enjoy!


The most traditional pizza of all, after all, bears the name Italian precursor to pizza. THE Neapolitan. Of course, it is more common to find in pizzerias that have experience, ingredients and ovens prepared for it. Although it takes only water, flour, yeast and salt, it must be prepared with great care, kneaded and opened by hand, be the ideal size and be baked in an oven at 500ºC.

Pizza dough: what types and recipes to make at home

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The taste and texture are those that we feel when remembering a pizza with thin dough, crispy and very classic – authentic Italian pizza. This gives a lot of space for the flavor of the cover not to go unnoticed. One of the most traditional and popular is the marguerita with cheese, tomatoes and basil. Ah, fwe made a post where we teach how to make a perfect dough even without the pizza oven, it is worth trying with some tricks, click here.


You may have seen recipes for “pizza bread”, “pizza platter” or “that birthday pizza”. All of them, even with their particularities, start from the Sicilian pizza. It is a type of pizza dough that is usually made in a rectangular shape but also has its round version like the others.

Pizza dough: what types and recipes to make at home

What really differentiates is that the dough is a little thicker – which gives it a crunchiness on the bottom and more softness the rest. The secret is to put oil to “fry” the bottom part while roasting. It is the best option to make pizza for the crowd at home with great practicality, since it dispenses as much care as the Neapolitan one.

  • Here on the website we already made pepperoni pizza with dough. It is practically the same as Sicilian, click here.


This is one of the most common of all. Do you know the one we take with our hands? It’s New York pizza. The idea is really, to make pizza an affordable street food to eat at any time or place. For this reason, it is very wide and the mass is neither too firm nor too soft, so you can hold or fold it if you want.

Pizza dough: what types and recipes to make at home

Photo: Pinar Kucuk in Unsplash

The dough is thicker than Neapolitan, it takes oil and a little sugar. In addition, it can be roasted in conventional ovens, is cuter and has those crispy edges. The toppings can be diverse: marguerita, pepperoni and even sweets ?

Brooklyn pizza takes New York dough, learn how to make it here.


Did you feel like eating pizza too? There are several recipes here ?

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