Planète Sauvage: a night in Africa

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Do you dream of spending a few moments in Africa, to discover and meet the animals of the savannah? And even better to sleep alongside this incredible fauna! Then direction Nantes, more precisely to Port-Saint-Père, to the animal park Planète Sauvage. Come and discover the unfolding of this grandiose stay, whether for young or old.

I admit, I haven’t tested the address yet. But it was an article in the newspaper I was reading this morning in the metro that made me want to escape. I inquired a little longer and here I am strumming on my keyboard to share with you my discovery of the day: going on safari and sleeping close to the animals while staying in France!

You won’t have to worry about booking your plane tickets, and finding a conveniently located hotel or guesthouse. Because today it is Africa that comes to you. Accompanied by its majestic flora and fauna, you will be immersed in an African nature reserve, but in France. Planète Sauvage is located 15 mins from Nantes, and turns out to be the largest Safari in France. For a successful weekend with the family, or an unforgettable romantic stay, look no further! The unusual place you are looking for is right here.

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An unforgettable moment

Spend an incredible night with the animals of the savannah. Indeed, you can sleep at the zoo, in a 50m2 lodge installed on stilts in the middle of the lake. In total, the park will provide 10 houses, equipped to accommodate 5 people. The lodges are immersed in an African atmosphere, which will disorient you during a short stay.

All the comfort is at the rendezvous in these high-end houses, which have been specially designed to admire these African animals. Indeed, the lodges are equipped with huge bay windows and 20m2 terraces, to offer you a panoramic view of the place. Everything has been thought out to guarantee you an experience as close as possible to this wild reality. Indeed a guaranteed spectacle for your eyes and an unforgettable journey for your heart awaits you.

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A tailor-made program

To make the most of this stay, a program has been specially designed. And this to allow travelers to simply leave their bags on arrival and make the most of these two beautiful days in Nantes Africa.

On the first day in the land of the Wild Planet, your luggage will be taken care of immediately upon arrival. Everything is set up for you to start visiting the park in serene conditions, and this is when your journey into the savannah plain begins. Then you can integrate your lodge in the afternoon, and start to discover your African-style cabin in which you will sleep the same evening.

Then, enjoy a candlelit dinner with the animals of the savannah. Sincerely, from you to me, we agree that these are the coolest guests with whom you will have shared a meal in your life! In your lodge you will then be able to spend an unforgettable evening admiring this wild and unique nature, I remind you all the same that you are in Nantes! You can then fall asleep in a comfortable bed, and dream of safari.

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It’s time to wake up, and breakfast awaits you. No time to waste, indeed you should not plan a morning grace, because the lemurs are waiting for you. Indeed, at 9:30 am you will feed them with a healer. And you can enjoy a park without visitors, because it will not have opened its doors yet.

Enjoy this magical moment with these wild animals. And don’t forget to bring your pro camera, and your hat, to visit the reserve. 85 hectares are then available to you.

Close to the savannah

From your assigned lodge in a 5 hectare site, 8 species are visible. You will be able to see them coming to drink around the lake on which you will be nestled. You will be able to cohabit in a serene way with these animals of the savannah. A moment of unprecedented meeting with this wild fauna. Among these 8 species you will meet:

Cape giraffe

Wild planet zoo sleeping in the savannah - decor blog - clemroundthecorner

White pelican

White pelican animal wild planet zoo savanna safari - decor blog - clematc

Scimitar-horned Oryx

Scimitar-horned oryx wild animals zoo nature reserve clematc

Cape Eland

Cape eland wild animal wild planet zoo animal park - blog clemaroundthecorner

White-fronted damalisque

white-fronted damalisque animal wild planet zoo clematc
Photo credit: fauna and flora of France

Watussi beef

buffalo watussi wild animal africa savannah wild planet zoo nantes - decor blog - clemaroundthecorner


ostrich zoo nature reserve sleeping in savannah - clemaroundthecorner

Helmet guinea fowl

Guinea fowl in helmet wild animals safari zoo clematc

During this stay, you will have the chance as I told you before to discover more than 1100 animals of 120 different species through the zoo. Thanks to this experience, you will be able to discover the world of Africa through the Nantes savannah.

Other services are offered by the park, such as taking care of dolphins for a day, or a VIP safari alongside an animal guide. I find that this zoo is implementing great actions to educate their visitors about the situation of animals on our planet. Indeed, many species are endangered, and it is our duty to be aware of the state of things.

How much does it cost ?

You will need to plan between 153 € to 220 € per person for a stay of two days and one night in the park. In addition, it includes dinner, breakfast, entrance to the park, and the unique experience with lemurs. To carry out the safari it costs 27 € for an adult and and 21 € for 3-12 years old. The prices are relatively reasonable for the services offered by Planète Sauvage. Especially since the setting offered is simply idyllic for lovers of Africa and wild animals.

So don’t wait any longer and book your stay on TripAdvisor now.

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