Plants in Décor: Unusual Ideas!

Plants in Décor: Unusual Ideas!

Who loves plants there? A little bit of nature inside the home or even the office completely changes our perception of the environment. In addition to bringing more life to the space, the plants make the decor much more welcoming!
But why do we have the habit of always using arrangements, flowers and plants in the same way? Pots are cool options, but have you thought about hanging plants? Well, there are several ways to put them in the environment and I decided to share my favorites ? Who knows, maybe use some ideas in the kitchens of the producer, right?


I venture to say that you never thought that exposed beams and pipes could be so interesting! Taking advantage of extra spaces that already exist in the environment is a creative and inexpensive way to bring more personality to the decor. Just accommodate a few pots in the structures to create a modern and very cool!


Plants in Décor: Unusual Ideas!

Photos: The Foodalist and Happy Interior Blog

Wire bars and panels are also very good alternatives for those who want to enhance the ceiling! The idea is perfect for decorating larger environments or that have no apparent structure.


Wood and plants always go together, so why not invest in supports made of the material? Plates fixed with ropes or steel cables already work very well! In this case, even old windows, lattice panels, shutters, simple stairs and branches will do. The look is more rustic and super interesting, right?


Plants in Décor: Unusual Ideas!

Photos: A beautiful type of decoration

For those who only want one detail, the vases hanging with ropes, cables or even macrame supports work very well! Currently, there are dozens of options for cachepots suspended on the market – I even left a list of them down here ?


Plants in Décor: Unusual Ideas!
1- Macrame Hanger for Marble Terrarium for Hometeka – R $ 88.00
2- Suspended Vase at Americanas – R $ 68.85
3- Patrick Morris Green Skyplanter Vase at Casa que Tem – R $ 135,00
4- Simone Ferkul Balance Botanical Support at Muma. – R $ 150.00
5- Metal Pendant Vase at Casa Mind – R $ 199.00

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