You may be surprised, but I, a super happy brunette with the tone of my hair, am crazy about platinum hair. I can’t imagine myself with the wires that early, but I think it’s incredible who loves to play with different tones.
The platinum ones, although not practical to take care of, are super versatile. There are tones more drawn to white, others to yellow and even some very gray. Everything will depend on the effect you want to give and the natural tone of your hair ?

platinizing-the-hair-references-women-and-men-beauty-danielle-noce-1 Photo – Bloglovin ‘

If the blonde already draws our attention a lot, just imagine the platinum ones! You need to have courage and be willing to take care of your hair a lot with moisturizing, moisturizing, going to the salon, touch-ups… Even so, are you brave enough to bet on this super modern look with a very urban feel? Look at these references:

platinizing-the-hair-references-women-and-men-beauty-danielle-noce-2 Photos – Blonde Bed Head, Ko-te, Diva Stuff, The Gift So Flife, Curls Understanding, Louise White House, @brittenelle and Popsu

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