Please, dont’t try that! GZSZ star is the king of weight loss: The jungle camp made the pounds fall

Superfood goji berries and walnuts?  We found something better: Noni juice!

Actor Felix van Deventer lost eleven kilograms during his stay in the jungle camp. Here you can find out why that was and why you definitely shouldn’t do it!

The stay in the jungle camp was voluntary for Felix van Deventer (22), but not the severe loss of weight. Felix didn’t win the event himself, but he definitely got the weight loss victory.

Above in the video: These foods are real fillers!

Diet in the jungle camp: Dangerously low in calories

As reported by the online magazine “”, the other participants in the jungle camp also lost a lot. For example, currywurst man Chris Töpperwien (44) lost ten kilos and reality TV star Domenico de Cicco (35) around eight kilos. In addition, the candidates’ muscle mass also decreased. The reason for the weight loss and losing weight was due to the questionable diet.

This is how Felix van Deventer and Co. had to feed themselves in the jungle camp

According to the experts at the beauty portal “”, the candidates for the jungle camp in 2019 had to undergo a diet that was not entirely voluntary and only consisted of rice and beans. The participants were only allowed 70 grams of rice and 70 grams of beans per day. That amount only has around 463 calories combined. This is far too little to meet an adult’s energy needs and can also be very unhealthy and dangerous in the long term.

Women need an average of 1,640 calories a day. With the bean-rice diet, however, you only consumed 28.3 percent of the calories you needed per day. With rice and beans, the men covered only 22 percent of their daily calorie requirement, averaging 2,102 calories. This diet subsequently led to irritability and fatigue in the candidates because the body was not supplied with enough calories to function properly.

The bean and rice diet can have other consequences as well. The expert Désirée Rossa from “” explains: “You can of course record short-term success with such a diet. If you eat so few calories over a period of time, you usually lose weight. “

However, she cannot recommend this form of diet for weight loss, because any form of radical diet threatens the dreaded yo-yo effect. This is because the body gets used to the reduced nutrient intake and then adapts to it. As soon as the diet is over, people eat normally again and gain weight quickly, Rossa continues.

Losing weight with beans and rice is unhealthy

During a bean-rice diet, in addition to insufficient calorie intake, the body also gets too few of the necessary food components, such as proteins. This then quickly leads to a reduction in muscle mass. That is neither healthy nor sustainable. So absolutely not recommended if you want to lose weight in a long-term and healthy way.

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