Plongée – Foodstyling

Plongée - Foodstyling

Today’s post is an inspiring post about a style of photos that I really like. The technical name for this angle is Plongée, and the name is as beautiful as the result can be. These are the photos taken from above, like an ‘aerial view’ of your table.
This plan is generally used to show several things at the same time. I think it’s cool when the composition of things, in this plan, is a bit messy, as if everything was being done at that moment, the candy just got ready and now everyone will eat without caring about the photo (but that was all meticulously planned for pass on that idea).
I also like to notice the used bases and tables, which are very evident in this type of photo. My favorites are the rustic tables, with a worn finish or paint. Here you can see some inspiring photos. After that, just run to the kitchen.
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