Pois, Café – Lisbon

Pois, Café - Lisbon

That the expression “because” is widely used by the Portuguese is nothing new! And it was because she found this funny that the Austrian owners named the coffee they opened, on the premises of an old spice warehouse, of Yeah, coffee.
The café has large stone arches, and although it is large it is a super cozy environment, with a touch of antiquity and full of little details.
It is located in a very tourist area, just behind the Church of Santa Maria Maior, better known as I know Lisbon – it is that beautiful Church that we find in postcards and tourist guides. So there is no way not to stop by the café to relax during the long walks along the hills between Sé and Alfama (mandatory neighborhoods).
THE Yeah, coffee serves brunch, lunch menus, snacks, cocktails and sweets.
A Portuguese friend introduced me to the place and when we went there, in the late afternoon, we ordered a slice of cake for each one, she a tea and I a cappuccino.
Such a simple request, but it won my heart for the presentation, flavor and friendliness of those who attended us.
We ate, talked and didn’t even see the time pass, it’s so nice to stay there: sofas, armchairs, cushions and dim light.
There are also those who go to read…. and that was one of the details that caught my attention the most!
The café is full of books, magazines and newspapers, available for reading on site or for practicing the “book cross”, which is when you take a book you have already read or DVD of a movie you have already watched and exchange it for one you have not yet read. knows. Is not cool?
Because, I indicate!
And I already want to go again to try other delights!
Monday from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm; from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 23:00

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